Unique Health Insurance Services, LLC Value Statement

Our strength operates on six core values also known as “CIRDIP:”

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1. Compassion

We will treat our customers as if they are our own family members. We will be compassionate and will genuinely understand, feel and identify with the needs of our customers.

2. Integrity

Integrity is forever, and it means doing the right thing. We understand that as human beings, we are not perfect and if we make mistakes, we will do whatever is needed to address them.

3. Relationship

In order to achieve our mission, we must fully understand and align with the needs of our customers, build trust through collaboration, and positively engage the efforts and interests of everyone who is touched by and can contribute to that effort.

4. Diversity

We embrace multicultural diversity and transform it into a competitive advantage by understanding the various facets of the cultures that define people.

We capitalize on cross-cultural synergies that can increase our organization’s efficiency, productivity and profitability.

5. Innovative

We believe that being “unique” is the key to our success. Being unique is about being different and innovative. We use insights gleaned from our team’s combined experience to invent a better future. This means that we aim to make the healthcare environment work effectively to serve everyone fairly, productively and consistently. We will be proficient at adapting to change as we pursue a course of continuous, positive and practical innovation as a core competency within our organization.

6. Performance

We will be accountable and responsible for consistently delivering high quality, superior results that make a difference. We will challenge ourselves to strive for even better outcomes in all key performance areas.

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