Testimonial from Gail
My only regret is that I did not connect with her sooner! My Doctor’s office had given me her number but I misplaced it. When I finally got around to it, I had already turned 65. When I did connect with her, she notified me that because of the diabetes condition, it is okay to enroll in a special need plan. I have found her to be prompt in getting question answered or putting me the right direction; polite in answering my questions no matter how trivial they might be (my view of my question) and very knowledgeable! I have given her name to many of my friends. If I had connected sooner, I would not have had to pay the additional fees that Medicare did not cover on my elective surgery and or so much for my dentist. I am looking forward to less on my dental now that I am paying $8 for supplement, and cheaper glasses! I cannot express how pleased I am with Mrs. Salazar! Many Blessings, Gail

Testimonial from Maria
Aleida has been a tremendous help to me. I unfortunately do not read or write but maybe at a second grade level and only in Spanish. She has assisted me in having health care and in telling me about services available to me for a few years. She is someone that I trust and count on (other than my daughters) to walk me through this Medicare process and a Health Care Plan.

Elizabeth– Maria’s daughter –

When my mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma, it scare me at the time. We started to go through the process of finding help and we were told we had to pay some pretty unaffordable deductibles. When I look further, it turned out that somehow my mom MediCal had never been renewed and documents had gotten lost. She directed me to her Health Care Advisor, Aleida Salazar, (mom is so blessed to have had such a great guidance through this ordeal). She assisted me on steps to get everything taken care of and with numbers of whom to call and how to get this MediCal re-instated, forms to fill out, etc. I can’t say enough great things about her and how everyone has assisted us in getting mom the necessary health care/treatment she needed. The process is not always easy but with everyone’s assistance, everything got handled. Thank you so much. We are truly blessed to have this assistance and help to my mother.

Testimonial from Edward Nieto
About three years ago, I was shopping around for a new health policy and had been perusing several policies in order to maximize the benefits that I would receive. I finally came to the realization that I didn’t know how to evaluate the favorable and unfavorable factors about health insurance policies. As luck would have it, I had a chance to encounter with Aleida Salazar while she was assisting my brother with his health insurance policy at our residence. As I entered my home and encountered her, I introduced myself. My brother explained to me that she was finalizing his policy, At the conclusion of their business, I asked her if she had the time to talk to me about a policy for myself. She readily agreed to talk to me and that was the beginning of a wonderful agent-client relationship. I found her to be an amiable, conscientious person that was an excellent listener. She is soft spoken and takes the time to thoroughly explain any detail or question asked of her. Her integrity is impeccable, thus I highly recommend her and rate her five stars to anyone who is interested in the services she provides.
Sincerely, Edward Nieto