Message to Potential Agents

The health care insurance industry is growing by leap and bound.
Now is the time for you to join many other successful insurance agents
who have been making six figures by taking advantage of it. Being an insurance
agent offers the potential of a fulfilling, rewarding career through helping
people in your community. You’re made for more. Take the reins.

If you work hard, you can easily earn six figures in as little as two to four years.Your earning potential is unlimited. Most insurance carriers pay commission plus renewals that compound each year. You can generate supplement income working full time or part time.

Medical Medicare Insurance

Unique Health Insurance Services, LLC (UHIS) is comprised of a team of business leaders with over 40 years of combined experience in the health insurance industry. Our relationships with healthcare professionals and our wide range of experience in healthcare over the years enables us to help agents succeed.

If you are looking for powerful back-end support to drive front-end sales, you’ve found the right company to partner with. We provide complete support and lead generation from A to Z. We constantly invest money in providing tools to help you reach your goals and build.

Below are some things to consider.

Building a stable base (residual income) – Conservative Projection

If you assist 2 ($536 commission per applicant) Medicare or Medi-Medi beneficiaries who are new to Medicare Advantage Plan and 8 ($268 commission per applicant) plan members who switch from one carrier to another each month, your monthly income is $3,216. Below is the graph showing how your income compounds over time.

Medical Medicare Insurance

Initial Residual Net
Year 1 $38,592 $38,592
Year 2 $38,592 $25,500 $64,092
Year 3 $38,592 $51,000 $89,592
Year 4 $38,592 $76,500 $115,092

* A few motivated individuals have been able to make six figures income within two years. It’s all up to you.

* All commission payments are prorated.

* If you are able to enroll 120 members and retain 85% of them each year, you should expect to make a stable base (residual) income of $76,500 by the fourth year. As long as those members stay with the same carrier, you automatically receive a prorated residual payment in the amount of $250 (varies by plan) per member per year. Statistic has shown that most senior members generally stay with their physicians with the same plan.